Our Children

mrs dhun adenwallaThe school is open to children of all socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds who are at at least 2-3 years of age. We take in children from all walks of life and our endeavour is to give hem an opportunity to receive the best education and to stand on their feet, even with this unfortunate affliction.

The costs of teaching in a school such as ours are extremely high as our teacher-student ratio is unfavourable compared with normal schools. No child pays full fees, and some pay no fees at all.

We also have children with multiple handicaps.

There is girl who is not only hearing impaired, but was also born with a hole in her heart that has been corrected and with infantile cataract. She has been operated on thrice, including twice for a Cornea Transplant and a lens implant.

Another girl has a chronic renal problem which requires regular treatment, and also suffers from a thyroid problem.

And there is a young lad, who is not only hearing impaired but also orthopedically handicapped.

What stands out most is that despite these handicaps, all our children are always a happy lot, smiling, friendly and yes , like all children, mischievous too.