Deafness is the only handicap that is not visible.

A deaf child is, most importantly, a child, with a child’s range of intelligence, the same capacity for fun and laughter.

Deafness is the barrier to many things, especially, communication. The world becomes for the deaf child a lonely place, a source of frustration. Communication takes place primarily through language. With Deafness, language acquisition is most effected, and with it, intellectual, emotional an social development.

A child who does not hear cannot speak or learn language unless he is taught. Without speech or language, her cannot learn, and without learning, he is condemned to isolation in an impatient world and denied the stimulation for which his mind is eager.

There is no medical cure for sensor –neural deafness, the most common type amongst young children.

However, an intensive learning programme at home and school, using the technology that is now increasingly available, can help the deaf child to acquire language and learning and make him a self-sufficient member of society.